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RPG Dragon Realms Design, Items & Misc.

Working notes from the way back machine. Dragon Realms and Fantasy U.

There's more. There's so much more, but here's a smattering of favorite things I still have the notes for.

All time favorite items created? Magic 8 Moose - a wall mounted moose head that talks and gives fortunes. I wish I could find the final design.

Never ending tart pouches - and cookies, and pies, and cupcakes, etc.

Dragon Realms Stuff

Game Host Fluri's Office:

Through tall plantation shutters you hear the far off cries of seagulls and catch the faint scent of an ocean breeze that gently billows sheer curtains and stirs the air in this spacious cottage. The view overlooks a bustling harbor and pristine jewel-like bay of a tropical island. And impressive wall of souvenirs from far pff places stands behind a salvaged captain's desk. In one corner several wrought iron lanterns hang at different levels from the high beamed ceiling, casting artful shadows on two large palms arching over a teak chaise. You also see an inviting pile of cushions, a richly laden tea caddy, and a black spotted jungle pard.

Night time description: Through tall plantation shutters you hear the whisper of a moonlit surf, and catch the faint scent of an ocean breeze and night blooming jasmine in this spacious cottage. The view sparkles with distant harbor lights that dance on a dark ocean. Look Desk: Fanciful carvings of ships and sea creatures, real or imaginary, sail around the curves of this spacious desk. Salt water stains and mismatched glass and scrimshaw drawer pulls addd to the sense of adventures weathered.

Look on Caddy: On the dessert caddy you see a tall pitcher of minted iced tea, a glass of pineapple lemonade, a bamboo tray of boat drinks with tiny umbrellas, a plate of bite sized sloppy joes, a platter of roasted corn on the cob, a wicker tray of fried chicken, a bowl of strawberry shortcake with vanilla whipped cream, a porcelain dish of cool vanilla custard drizzled with sugared bourbon glaze, and a dainty silver plate filled with an assortment of chocolate truffles topped with candied violets.

Room Messaging: Day: 1.A gentle gist of wind sways the palms and turns the lanterns, dancing patterned shadows across the room.

2. A bright green parrot darts through the open windows, steals a snack from the dessert caddy and chatters wildly before darting off.

3. Sunlight dances across the desk and refracts in small brilliant rays on the ink well.

4. Distant shouts and laughter can be heard from the harbor far below, floating one the musical strains of a sea shanty.

5. The soft crackle of melting ice, as it settles in a glass, can be heard from the direction of the dessert caddy.

Night: 1. Scudding clouds disperse to reveal a soft glowing moon that sails a glimmering train of light across darkened waters.

2. Night birds softly call to one another and across the dark waters of the sleeping bay below.

3. Fireflies softly dance through the open window and play a trail of glimmering light around the room for a few moments, before gently flitting out again into the night.

4. The scent of warm, delectable pastries and coffee, wafts from the dessert cart.

5. A far-off clang from a harbor bouey tolls across the still night water, calling ships home.

Jadewater Mansion Theatre:

Resplendent curtains of rich green velvet trimmed with gold silk fringe hang to the floor from the proscenium arch. Embroidered tone on tone into the velvet in oversized script are the names of favorite authors, play writes, artisans, and performers, giving the stately curtains a festive air.

Fluri Game Host Guest exit: Smiles at you then looks off sharply in another direction. "Hey! I told you! No seahorsing around in the deep end of the lagoon! Don't make me come over there!" She raises her arms and gives a shrill whistle. The roar of the surf fills your ears as a crashing wave appears before you! Fluri gives a wink and dives gracefully into the cresting waters that dissipate as fast as they appeared, leaving only the distant cry of seagulls on the wind and a faint spray of sea mist on your cheeks.

Fluri Items + Verbs:

  1. A sharp toothed tiki doll. Made of polished teak, each side of the title doll's head Beas a different scowling visage. The faces are stylized and a bit frightening, complete with pointed sharks teeth and glaring ebony eyes.

  2. A small corked jar of crocodile tears.

  3. A tiny living lagoon in a bottle. As you look into the tiny habitat, you can see the roll of surf on a crystalline beach, while sea gulls soar in a miniature ocean breeze.

Lillybelle's Famous Broom:

A living broom of gnarled oak, hung with tattered ribbons and bells. Crafted of living wood from the forest of night, the broom is adorned with weathered charms and tiny gem colored bells that chime softly when shaken. In the green leaves of the deepest burl a miniature acorn lanterns reveals a well appointed flower sprite nest, and a spot just large enough for an Elothean maid to perch is worn smooth along the center of the handle.

The well used broom seems to double as a ride as well as a magical focus.

Brianna's Never Ending Cupcake Pouches:

Merchant Items:

Pet Shop: 1. A graceful plumed nightingale on a natural mahogany perch.

The graceful nightingale has full snow-white plumage, with its tail, cheeks and crest tipped in lavender.

Pet: You gently reach out and pet the graceful nightingale. It cuddles its head lovingly in your hand with a soft coo.

(Kiss, Scratch, Hug, Rub, Poke)

2. A toffee colored monkey

3. A ring-tailed marmozel

4. A will-o-wisp

5. A mischievous chimney sprite

6. An indigo scaled drake

Morbid Merchant:

Pall bearer's coat

Mortician's bag

Ebony Halfling casket - (case/backpack)

Ebony bat shaped prayer beads

Centaur hair talisman

Rusted ring of mausoleum keys

Gummy corpse grubs

A broken heart on a chain

Chatelaine's collection of tiny weapons

Food: Pie rats

Chocolate mistletoads

Honey dusted marmalade meringues


(in collaboration with ***)

Boba Newhart

Flower Power quest

The Frat Pack - ruckus quest - can you describe the ruckus , sir? etc. Food Fight, Car wash

Dean Marmet

Sammy Davis Emu

Frank Sinoctropus

Molly Ringtail

Ali Tweedy

Crazy Lunch Lady

Pink Floyd the barber

Lawlerderby Queen

The Quizards Hackeysack

They call me Muad Dweeb - NPC for mathemagicnas?

the Shadat Peeps...killer marshmallows

Grr Arrrghh - holding a dead Fox carcass

An Elanthian Werewolf in Pleasanton - his hair was perfect.

Misunderstood lyrics quests

Hogan’s Gyros - food court

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