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Anansi's Journal of Common Places - Herbalist Shop & Apothecary


A tawny thatched roof, blooming window boxes, and a painted wooden sign carved to depict a bundle of lavender and herbs easily defines this cheerful establishment.Inside this inviting shop, customers are greeted with the distinctive mingled aroma of dried herbs, roots, brewing tea, and lush floral ingredients.

Rows of painted shelves, woven basket displays and lidded glass jars are organized in well stocked sections by usage: cooking, medicinal remedies, teas, druid craft, arcane, offerings, and a darker alcove with a small black sign, lettered in silver that simply reads:

“Bane Garden.”

A large wide honey pine counter holds a sturdy ornate scale, baskets of various linen bags, beeswax candles, quills, a candy dish, and a brass till. A side alcove contains mortars, pestles, small cauldrons, various crafting tools of the trade, and a jaunty porcelain tea service for guests to serve themselves.

Immersive details:

  • The fragrant aroma from a porcelain tea service fills the space and gives anyone in proximity the subtle sense that all is well, and truth may feel good to share.

  • Glass cased copper lanterns of various shapes and sizes fill this shop with ambient light and shadow.

  • The flash, coo and flutter of birds in the eaves or an owl hooting and rustling feathers as they gaze down from their perches.



This spacious, well appointed shop is filled with pristinely polished teak shelves, cases and displays, holding all manner of herbal & alchemical supplies. An azure and gold marble font, a cut-thresh mat, and a prominent sign gilded with alchemical symbols greets customers at the front door.

“Wash Hands - Wipe Feet Or No Service!” Various colorful nooks and alcoves hold components, tinctures, regents, and books, organized by school of magic and skill level.

Drift globes float above brass geometric sconces bathing the room in a soft amber glow. Shafts of available light from high windows reflect the shimmering wings of several fey butterflies that gently flit in the air above a verdant collection of bonsai trees behind the till. The back wall holds shelves bristling with jars of herbs, roots and remedies. A long, sturdy glass topped counter holds items too rare, costly, or delicate for casual perusing.

In a far corner, a tall intricate alchemical station, agleam with glass pots, copper piping and arcane burners, softly percolates, burbles and fizzes as it brews various concoctions. A barrier chain reads: CAUTION!

Immersive Details:

  • The sounds of the street have disappeared, and the hushed quiet is only broken by the soft ticking of arcane clockwork, the lazy burble of the font, and the faint hiss of steam.

  • Different corners and alcoves in the shop hold the various scents of the wares available. Crushed herbs, bees wax, leather, parchment and books, brimstone, oils, charcoal, ash blossom or more unsavory ingredients.

  • Night: Along with the suffused light from the drift globes, Greta’s butterflies give off a subtle glow as do faint sigils marking the doors, windows and the glass topped counter.

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