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Here's a compilation of NPCs from my DnD games in Greymir, my fictional town in Faerun.

Arvensis - Inn Owner

Lady Grey - Wife - Guild Owner

Talia - Grey's Hand - Inn runner - Adventurer

Quinn Purkins - Kitchen apprentice

Rowena Wrenling - Cook

Fazir D'Aloshe - Marquesian Merchant - General Store owner

Taelbert - Haberdasher

Dalia D'Aloshe - Haberdasher's apprentice

Brim Naieol - GraveKeeper (anagram)

Jjon & Sjean Dimmerval - Stable Owners

Barret Windforster - Dock Master

Frost Hatsup - arcanist (anagram)

Alia - Temple Mother

Thad - Temple Healer / Green Brother

Bella - Bakeshop owner

MacEllin Jors - Inn Guard (anagram)

Aeger Mills - Vintner & Winery owner (anagram)

Luthig Ashcoat - Blacksmith

Nimbus - Cellar cat

Trade Roads Raven

Rue - Sprite of the Inn

Ruby - Awakened Shrub

Arvensis - Rolling Dragon Proprietor

Human - Level 16 Cleric Warlock - Arvensis is a large, barrel chested man with a well kept tawny beard, and a mane of wheat blonde hair to his shoulders. He's ruggedly handsome. His chiseled jaw and strong arms reveal a man with power, though he seldom wields it. As a proud proprietor and publican, He is often found, personally attending to guests and details at the Inn. When he isn't overseeing the day to day, or guild members in the training hall, he can be found pruning the topiary gardens, or spending quiet moments with his wife, Lady Grey.

Lady Grey - Guild Master:

Protector Aasimar - Level 18 Fighter Paladin - Lady Grey has long silver hair that frames her relatively petite frame. Her appearance denotes an air of grace, but her words often betray her forthright personality. She wears filigree etched breastplate armor, battle worn, yet still retains its sheen. When unarmored, she wears a finely embroidered midnight blue jerkin, grey worked silk chemise, and tailored, pewter grey leggings. She is the Rolling Dragon Guild Master, and the wife of Arvensis.


5 Rings of Messenger - DMs have the choice of passing them out and retrieving them per adventure. They will always return to Lady grey after a contract.

Talia Delanthan - Grey's Right Hand - Inn Runner

Wood Elf - Level 8 Cleric/ Druid - Lithe and athletic, Talia is clearly a creature of the forest. Dusky blue eyes and sooty lashes in an Elven angled face, are framed by long Autumn red hair.. She's wearing supple, studded brown leathers and well tailored traveling clothes, a short bow tucked in the quiver and a rapier are sheathed on her hip belt, hammered with elven and fey symbols of the elements and the forest twined with ivy.

Quinn Purkins - Kitchen apprentice:

Half-Elf - Level 4 Bard - Quinn has a full head of shaggy auburn hair, deep green eyes and tanned skin. He's wearing frayed homespun trousers, a light colored jerkin with the sleeves rolled up and leather boots. A pair of spoons and a fife are tucked into his back pocket. Best friends with, and a bit sweet on Dalia.

Rowena Wrening - Cook:

Dwarf - Level 9 Monk - Rowena is tall and a bit more athletic than more of her kin. Wavy red hair, tucked in a bun atop her head, frames a heart shaped face with a dusting of freckles and cornflower blue eyes. She's wearing a cooks apron, streaked here and there with icing, and flour, a simple kirtle and cloth leggings. Tucked in her belt is a very large wooden spoon. You suspect it's not just for cooking.

Fazir D'Aloshe- Marquesian Merchant: General Store:

Human- Level 8 Wizard - Fazir is of medium height with Dark hair, tanned olive skin and caramel colored eyes. His dress is opulent yet understated, if there can be such a thing. Rich umber robes drape elegantly over loose, deep burgundy trousers. Small gold charms, draped together with tiny chains, adorn his ears and on his right hand, he wears a single gold ring bearing an intricate smoky intaglio. This is a man who appreciates the finer things.

Taelbert - Merchant: Haberdashery:

Sun-Elf - Level 8 Sorcerer Taelbert wear's an expression of amused insolence like a fine garment. His deep teal silk jacket is fussy but expertly made...perhaps several seasons ago. Tartan pants match the jacket. Short strawberry hair coifed in an expertly casual wave, frame hazel eyes and a smart goatee. His cravat is scented with a citrus and lavender fougere.

Dalia D'aloshe- Marquesian Shop Apprentice:

Eladrin - Level 4 Druid - Bright blue eyes under sooty lashes, are framed by shining russet hair, which accents her rich caramel colored skin. Dressed smartly in a mixed style of Marquet and WaterDeep - muted jewel toned split skirts and loose flowing sleeves, rolled up when she's helping Fazir in the Mercantile. Around her neck is a silver filigree locket, holding fragrant resins that smell of spice and sandalwood.

Brim Naieol - GraveKeeper:

Half-Elf - Level 7 Grave Cleric - Tender Chestnut eyes cast a somber gaze from under an unkept wave of sandy hair. Pale skin, careful hands and a great respect for his task at keeping well, the now silent friends, he is better for having known. He wears a sturdy yet gently weathered, ruddy knit coat, a long black scarf, dark grey trousers and work boots. On his right ring finger he wears a carved silver band of raven wings, centered with a cabochon black stone.

Jjon and Sjean Dimmerval- Stable Owners :

Half-Elf - Level 10 - Fighters - Strapping gents with tousled sun kissed hair and emerald green eyes. They each wear tan breeches, work boots, and leather jerkins. Hay hooks and suede work gloves are tucked into slots on their belts, along with two sinister looking blackened blades. Sjean is the taller of the twins, with darker hair and Jjon seems prone to mischief with a rakish smile . They smell of leather, sunshine and sweet oats.

Barret WindForster- Dock Master:

Human - Level 10 Rogue - An impressive burnished copper beard, storm grey eyes, and weathered face show the years of adventure that have taken their toll on this rakish gent. He wears a faded coat that may once have belonged to a riverboat captain, trousers with an odd number of pockets and well polished old boots. He's quick witted, kind, yet always ready with a sardonic jest. He's holding an engraved wooden box compass in one hand.

Frost Hatsup - Teleport Arcanist:

Level 14 Conjuration Wizard - Salt pepper curls, blue-grey eyes that hold a perpetual spark of merriment and quiet power, and a long silver and russet beard that seems to crackle with arcane energy of its own, make up the friendly yet clearly intimidating image of this enigmatic wizard. He wears extremely comfortable robes and sits at a desk covered in parchments, quills, ink wells and arcane focuses used as paper weights.

Alia - Temple Mother:

High Elf - Level 18 Cleric - Her willowy frame is supported by a modest wooden cane. She wears a white tunic, cinched at the hip by a silver girdle chain, filigreed with healing herbs and holy symbols. Flaxen hair that's now spun to shades of silver is braided softly away from her beautifully angular face. Calling her an elder, doesn't begin to describe her but, despite this, she carries herself with a youthful exuberance and cheeky wit that catches most around her off guard, yet her warmth and comfort to those in need, not to mention her arcane prowess, are why she's revered.

Thad - Healer/ Green Brother :

Moon Elf - Level 13 Druid/Cleric - He's got a wavy mane of golden streaked tawny hair, almond shaped green eyes and a rugged jaw line. He's well built and carries himself with the strength and ease of an athlete, or something more feral. He wears forest hued robes over supple brown leather pants and suede boots.

Bella - Bake Shop Owner:

As far as you can tell, Bella is a blonde haired, blue eyed human with a heart shaped face, a merry twinkly in her eyes and a friendly, maternal air to all her customers. She's proud of her shop and equally as happy to take care of townsfolk and woodland creatures that need her. Rich wavy wheat and flaxen hair is tucked away from her face by silver filigree charms. She wears a pristine apron over fine blue bodice and skirts, embroidered with blackwork baking tools.

MacEllin Jors - Rolling Dragon Inn Guard:

Half-Orc - Level 9 -Bard/Rogue - A muscular man with piercing grey-green eyes, a split silver beard, a strong jaw, generous lips and a slight greenish cast to his skin.

He wears a studded black coat, an ornate hat with a brim that curls up on each side, and for all his intimidating aura, has a lute tucked over his shoulder and a kind demeanor.

Aeger Mils: Vintner & Winery owner

Halfling - Level 18 Bard- Gourmand:

Aeger is perhaps the tallest Halfling you've ever seen, with a smile as big as the day is long. (unless it's winter, then it's bigger)

He's distinguished, but not haughty in his airs, with Nut brown hair, tanned skin and amber eyes that always hold a spirited twinkle. His coat is expertly tailored, of tobacco colored silk with a dark monogram on the lapel of the winery's brand. Hanging from a fine dark leather belt you see a sommelier's tastevin, an aerator, and a finely inlaid shawm. As serious as he is with his wine, he's also a Master of Toasts, and of puns. Fun is never far behind when Eager Mils is in your company.

Luthig Ashcoat: Blacksmith

Dwarf - Level 12 -

Steadfast grey eyes, a brawny, well muscled stature and unruly braids of raven hair give this hard working craftsman a rugged air.

Scars lace across his hands, up his arms and cross his chest, furthering an imposing demeanor. He wears a well made, but worn cotton shirt, brown trousers, a deerskin work apron and grey leather hobnail boots. Luthig is honest to a fault, his work is meticulous, and his laugh is almost as loud as his forge.

Nimbus - Cellar Cat:

An impressive, pewter furred forest cat with enigmatic gold flecked eyes, sits regally watching the room. It's tufted ears and long hair make judging it's actual size, intimidating. A gloaming of arcane energy emanates around it, giving depth to shadows and a signal this is no ordinary tavern-cat.

Trade Roads Raven:

This arcane familiar stands sentinel at the trade routes crosssroad, keeping a remote eye on travelers, news and possible portents that may be coming to Riverhaven. Large and iridescent in day or darkness, its eyes holding an intelligent, and to some, unnerving gaze.

Ruby - Awakened Shrub

Bonded to Talia. She sits proudly at the end of the bar in the inn. Speaks Sylvan and can interact with anyone who knows that language. She's sassy and fun loving, helping pour a drink, clean a glass or shake a tendril at trouble makers.

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