it was rain...

Updated: May 23, 2020

There are moments I happen upon,

little lovely surprises that at once, captivate me in the present experience as enchanting,

and send me back decades to a sense memory that comforts and delights my heart.....

the evening smells and sounds at the barn......

golden afternoon light on the ocean....

Last night it was rain.

Emerging from a restaurant talking and smiling and happy, then

the wonderful surprise of an early evening rain.......

the smell of the warm, wet pavement coming up, and the fresh evening whisper of a breeze from the incoming weather.......the magical wet green of trees...

willows and oaks and verdant things...picket fence in the gloaming..... filling my head with scent as the colors of evening crept along..

like a promise of beautiful things to come......and the feeling that all is well......

all is right.....good things are here.... It calls back to grey-day rain at the campground, sitting cozy, in that old rickety truck as the rain softy drummed the roof

and the curtain of rivulets made the pines hazy and ethereal.

Usually I have all these experiences alone......this time I got to share it with friends....

June 2011

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