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It Starts Simple

Updated: May 7, 2023

simple glance, simple night…. simple tunes, starry eyes,

simple smile under the lights simple smile over an ice cream fight

a simple , “hi” simple life simple summertime fair ground nights a sweet kiss calming first time fears….. simple bliss under August fireflies… simple days turn to simple years….. and we don’t know where the moments go….. all the wins and tears.. as they pass by…. dont’ let em slip away to wonder why…. don’t let that simple magic fly away….

celebrate the moments… with simple breaths and candles and notes and calls….. hands held as the last guests leave… tell em how you feel…… and tell her if you’re scared

just start simple

And those day rolled by,

Sunday suppers,

you and I

from fireflies to snowy nights as those kitchen doorway notches grew

all we ever needed was under that roof....

it starts simple.... 21 guns ring toward the sky….. but it starts… simple….

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