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Dragon Realms - Cleric Titles

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

Summoner High Worshiper Confessor Priest of Light Spirit Guide Periel's Host Tamsine's Comfort Trothfang's Hand Singer of Eluned Eluned's Wavedancer Spirit Consort Meraud's Hammer Meraud's Shadow Illuminator Shadow Dancer Ghost Walker Keeper of the Flame Dragon Sworn Soul's Guide Shadow Gatherer Dark Temple Disciple Temple Maiden Temple's Hand Maiden of Solace Dark Gospel Gospel of the Light Temple Strumpet Temple Dancer Periel's Vessel Vessel of Light Vessel fo Shadows Tamsine's Vessel Hand of Comfort Hand of Tears Shadow's Grace Dedicate Hodierna's Dedicate Coven Mistress Coven's Hand Coven Mage Blessed Altar Temple Rose Temple's Thorn

Dark Abess Dire Abess Mistress of Night Mistress of Light Hand of Light Hand of Shadows Hand of the Veil Theologian High Abess

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