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European Restaurant

More About Champagne and Pajamas

How We Got Here

This is my spot to write and muse on, about, well, things.... life, food, perfume, restaurants, adventure, what have you.
Finding a place to park the bits and bobs and get things out on virtual paper.
You're welcome to come on in, grab a drink and snacks from the side board, get cozy on the couch, by the fire, or the window seat, and read the ramblings.

I'm also an actor, voice actor,  audio drama producer, with a past career in dance, musical theatre out of NYC, film and tv. 
I've got a food blog - more of a recipe repository than 10 pages of story before you get to a recipe - who has time for that? An award winning podcast member for How We Roll, and a frequent guest on other DnD and RPG podcasts. Yes, I am that geek. 
Click the buttons to get to my VO website, etc.




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