Mardi Gras memories - The Garconniere

Whispers of languid raindrops,

patter across courtyard ferns,

from a pre-dinner rain,

mingling petrichor with night jasmine and roses…

and brandied coffee, floats from French doors on relaxed notes of laughter and cocktail glass chimes. perfuming darkened air, Gaslamps flicker away the evening chill

while beckoning curious eyes deeper into the heady flagstone gardenscape. Banana leaves and wisteria drape over wrought iron gates, coyly giving glimpses of the adventure unfolding within. Grey merino-clad arms gently wrap me from behind

as he rests his cheek against mine.

Sublte aftershave mixes with the sweet coffee he holds. My forever holiday scent, all those years ago.

Merry eyes sparkle down at me. He slides a leather gloved hand into mine, softly pulling me onward, to the next verdant, gated courtyard wonderland.

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